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  • - Two in one (Ultrasonic Humidifier + Disinfection system)
    - Virus, Bacteria & Fine dust all together removing system
    - Humidifying for the dry indoor space
    - ULV mist type efficient space spray
    - Reserved injection (Time and amount of agent can be freely set)
    - Spray amount can be easily set
    - Nozzle direction can be set freely (up/down, left/right)
    - Electricity safety certified
  • - Specialized for the entrance & gate disinfection system
    - Ship Terminal, Bus terminal, Subway station, Airport gate for both people & carriage disinfection
    - Big building entrance, bank, government office entrance disinfection
    - Department, Shopping mall entrance
    - Exhibition entrance, Big event entrance, etc



Model COBO-200 ZEVAS
Spray type Non thermal ultrasonic humidifying
Power AC 220V (battery type optional)
Chemical amount Total 36L (Main tank: 16L + sub tank: 20L)
After finishing main tank agent, sub tank agent automatically refilled to the main tank
Nozzle number 2(two) Bending nozzles
Size 800 x 380 x 1200mm
Weight About 40kg
Purpose Indoor & entrance humidification + disinfection
Warranty 1 year