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  • - Natural air disinfector with the unique function
    - No need to install filter but supplementation of agents.
    - Sterilizing effect with next generation natural evaporator humidification
    - Tube type natural cleaning disinfection allows easy control
    - Excellent in removing fine dust and deodorization
    - No need of disk drum cleaning
    - Phytoncide evaporation promotes health management
  • - Home and office indoor natural Air disinfector with humidification



Model FNC-1000
Product type Air cleaning & humidification
Air cleaning amount 3㎥/min
Fan type Air circulation emission
Fan control 4 steps
Humidification control 4 steps
Operation noise Low noise
Consumption power 4W
Size 192 x 240 x 245mm
Weight 1.8kg
Warranty 1 year