COBO Eagles

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> COBO Eagles

  • - Compact size portable type
    - Anytime and anywhere Quick & Easy sterilizing system
    - ULV(Ultra Low Volume) injection system provide effective chemical spray
    - Easy nozzle direction control by hand gun type
    - Powerful spraying distance (6~12meters)
    - Long time battery lasting (more than 2 hours by one time recharge)
    - Chemical case can be replaced very easily
    - Electricity Safety Certified
  • - Multiple use building(shopping mall, religious facility, station, restaurants, etc) disinfection
    - Military use & CBR(NBC) vehicle, cloth, people’s sterilization
    - Animal Farm disinfection
    - Children care & Senior care facility disinfection
    - Pest control service
    - Cleaning service



Model COBO-Eagles 101 COBO-Eagles 102 COBO-Eagles 103
Spray type High pressure fan,
Integral type
High pressure fan,
Separate type
High pressure fan,
Moveable type
Particle size 10~20 micro 10~20 micro 10~20 micro
Chemical amount 500ml 500ml 10 Liter
Chemical consumption 30ml/min 30ml/min 50ml/min
Nozzle number 1 1 2
Power Li-ion DC12V/10A Li-ion DC12V/20A DC12V/80A
Motor power 150PSI 150PSI 150PSI
Product size 400 x 180 x 200mm 300 x 180 x 200mm 300 x 180 x 200mm
Case size 445 x 230 x 285mm 445 x 230 x 285mm No case support
Weight 6kg(without case) 8kg(without case) 8kg
Material Stainless Stainless Stainless
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year