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> COBO 90

  • - Reserved injection: Time and amount of agents can be freely set
    - Two types (Wall mount type / Stand type)
    - Easy nozzle direction control (up & down, left & right)
    - Automatic collection system for the remaining agent inside nozzle after finishing work
    - High pressure fan type powerful injection
    - Integral system without additional facilities
    - Electricity Safety certified
  • - School & military feeding facilities, Collective facility
    - Indoor general offices, Seminar room, Government offices
    - Village hall, Senior center
    - Health club, Sports center
    - Hospital, Nursing home
    - Horticultural farm, Green house
    - Other common facilities



Model COBO-90 (Wall mount type / Stand type)
Spray type High pressure fan
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Chemical amount 10L
Nozzle number 4
Size 350 x 290 x 835mm
Weight About 20kg
Particle size 10~50 micro
Purpose Indoor & outdoor disinfection
Warranty 1 year