COBO 350

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> COBO 350

  • 1. Sensor setting
    Injection time can be set freely
    External sensor is 10meters in length and can be installed
    Sensor will be dust proof & water proof, can be mounted or buried.

    2. Sensor detecting
    In and out moving vehicle detected by sensor
    Upper and Lower nozzles start to spray to the car automatically

    3. Chemical Spray
    Spray amount can be adjusted by setting
    400L big amount chemical case can disinfect hundreds of vehicles
    ULV mist type provide efficient spray
    Unmanned disinfection system
    No need of any other separate facility, due to integrated high pressure fan injection
  • - In and out access vehicle disinfection
    - Large number of vehicle disinfection in Parking lot
    - main gate or entrance on the road disinfection



Model COBO-350
Spray type High pressure fan
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Chemical amount 18.7L X 4containers
Nozzle number 8 (4 upper, 4 lower)
Size 480 x 830 x 1800mm
Weight About 65kg
Motor 1,380W x 2 motors
Purpose Access vehicle disinfection
Warranty 1 year