COBO 300

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> COBO 300

  • -Easily moveable by wheels
    -Powerful spray by 8 nozzles
    -Double actions: Two types different chemicals can be sprayed together
    -Easy nozzle direction control (up & down, left & right)
    -Ultra fine mist type spray
    -Reserved injection: Time and amount of agents can be freely set
    -High pressure fan without needs for separate facilities
    -Radiating system for the winter eliminates concerns about freezing, bursting and nozzle clogging
    -Unmanned auto disinfection available for 365days
  • -Wide space or area disinfection system (indoor & outdoor)
    -Multiple use building(shopping mall, religious facility, station, restaurants, etc) disinfection
    -Military use & CBR(NBC) vehicle, cloth, people’s sterilization
    -Animal Farm disinfection



Model COBO-300 Electric COBO-300 Battery COBO-300 Turbo
(Disinfector + Generator)
Spray type High pressure fan High pressure fan High pressure fan
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz DC 24V/AC 220 integrated AC 200V, 50/60Hz
Chemical amount Total 40L( 20L+20L) 20L Total 40L (20L + 20L)
Nozzle number 8 4 8
Size 480 x 830 x 1130mm 480 x 830 x 1130mm 480 x 830 x 1130mm
Motor power 1380W X 2motors 1380W 1380W X 2motors
Particle size 10 ~ 50micro 10 ~ 50micro 10 ~ 50micro
Weight About 20kg About 50kg About 20kg
Purpose Indoor disinfection Indoor disinfection Wide outdoor space disinfection
Generator - - 7HP
Generator weight - - 54kg
Weight About 20kg About 50kg About 20kg
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year