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Thank you for visiting our C-RICH BIO website.

C-RICH BIO is specialized company for the Eco Friendly Disinfectant, High tech disinfection system development and supply, and we also provide for Visit sterilization service.

You will see how amazing our Eco Friendly Disinfectant which is originally developed in Japan in 2011 as world first free radical type disinfectant. As you know, previous chloride based disinfectant shows good sterilizing power but also had some weakness such as fabric bleaching, machine corrosion, odor, and most importantly could not use to the human body directly due to harmful effect,
however, our Free Radical Bio products overcame all above weaknesses including fabric bleaching, machine corrosion, Odor, and harmful effect. These results are shown easily by government authorized official lab test report. Therefore, customer can enjoy our Free Radical Bio products to anywhere against virus and bacteria, and can keep their living or working environments clean and safe from all kinds of bad viruses and bacteria.

Next, above our chemicals can be spread by sprayer. Except home or small space, many other big space facilities require good spray system.You will see the most advanced high tech disinfection system through our website. Our high tech disinfection system shows remarkable design revolution in addition to the most updated performance and functions.

You can work through the chemical spraying spot without wetting your cloths by our super mist type spray system and you can do unmanned sterilization at any time using time setting program. Most importantly everybody can use our system very easily and can carry easily by wheels. From the portable hand sprayer to the Car access control system, we provide various types of advanced spraying system.

We provide visiting sterilization service to satisfy our customer’s convenience in domestic market.

C-RICH BIO will do our best to provide more clean and safe environments from increasing virus and bacteria to save our loved customer’s life. Thank you very much.